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Engine info!


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Im very intrested in doing a engine swap.i have seen a MK1 rs focus engine for sale details are=


ford focus duratec turbo engine/gearbox.

44,000 miles!(has proof of millege)

ported head fitted.


engine comes with

Starter motor


pas pump

air con pump(i dont have)

inlet manifold


Wiring loom for intermediate shaft



Question is ive been told there will be alot of work needed to make these go in.Can anyone shed any more light ie stu?? :cheers:

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I really can't be arsed to document the conversion to be honest as it'd take up too much of my time.


You have all the same problem as fitting a black top zetec (do a search on here) and then the additional complexity of a turbocharger, pipework, intercoolers, wiring looms, management (immobilisor issues if sticking with the FRS one), fuel system.. its a long list of work.

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