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Possibly breaking my zetec turbo project...

tezmanian devil

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Regretably im thinking of breaking my project due to lack of time and a loss of interest in it :(

I wont be breaking it until i have a buyer for the big bits such as the shell and engine etc...


All prices below will NOT include postage, but postage can be arranged on most things, but i would prefer things to be collected from eastbourne


Anyway, heres a list of parts and prices...


Mk6 si shell converted to mk5 front and back, absolutly mint, never had any welding, best iv seen on the underside! Will come with boothatch, glass, doors £400 or i can sell it rolling with coilovers, powder coated rear disc beam, subframe, hubs, brand new lower arms, drop links, all new wheel bearings etc for £700



2.0 blacktop zetec turbo engine, fully forged bottom end with je pistons and eagle rods, double valve springs, arp stud and

Nut kit, adjustable cam pullys, and has the nessesary breathers and oil returns tapped into the block, the engine has never been run since rebuild so basically a new engine £2000


180mph mtx-75 gearbox, gearbox has been rebuilt and has been tested upto 170mph, also has a ford torsion atb lsd fitted. £750


Rover 220 turbo inlet manifold, fitted with cossie throttle body, cossie green injectors, and -6 aeroquip fuel rail, ready to bolt to zetec £350


One off zetec turbo exhaust manifold, t3/t4 fitment locates turbo over gearbox, also has take off for external waste gate and is heatwrapped, £300 with waste gate and screamer pipe.


T34 turbo, exellent Condition £320


Ttv racing flywheel for cvh turbo or zetec turbo £150


Focus rs ap racing clutch, has been modified to fit in mtx box £225


Bailey chrome header tank and power steering tanks £180


Oil breather/seperater. £80


Sard feul pressure regulater with -6 aeroquip fittings £125


Feulab -6 inline feul filter £100


-6 feul lines and fittings £100


19 row oil cooler with -10 aeroquip fittings and lines £160


Brand new alloy cossy rad £140


Front mount i/c £125


Boost pipes (selection of alloy and silicone) £60


Samco coolant hoses for zetec escort brand new £220 blue


Msd coil pack and ht leads £90


Track designs front mount alternator kit for blacktop zetec engine £100


Modified engine mount for blacktop £25


Omex 600 loom and ecu £600


2x 12" rad fans brand new £50


Cossie fuel pump fitted to escort intank cradle £60


Gold 325mm hi-spec front brake conversion £900


17" black compomotive mo's et35 i think? Totally mint! And all toyo proxes tyres are good! £700


Wrc esc cos spoiler. £250


Wrc front bumper with indis made onto it £75


Modified rs2k bonnet with aerocatchs £80


Rs/xr morretes, inners removed £200


Nomad rear lights. £150


Alloy clutch quadrant £50


Cossie banana pod. £30


Mk5 steering wheel boss £30


Rs 4 spoke steering wheel, mint condition and has the horn push bit £150


Nomad pilla double gauge pod £50


Weitec coilovers £275


Front strut brace mk6 fitment £50


Rear strut brace, been drilled for mk6 strut tops £50



Theres still plenty more but im bored of typing now so ill add the rest later.


Like i said at the begining, i wont be breaking the car until the big bits have a buyer, but if your interested in anything let me know and il put your name next to the part.

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I'm sure I replied to this :unsure:


Think you'll proper regret this if you do it mate...


Pic of the Track Designs kit?


Might also be interested in the fans.


I proberly will regret it but its doing my head in to be honest, i just cant seem to get into it anymore if that makes sense?


Im pretty sure theres a pic of the alternator kit in my build topic, along with pics of most of the parts listed, when i have abit of time il dig some out of photobucket.


well ill def take the fans when.if you do split and if the cluthc is brand new i will 99.9% take this , what power is it good for? and will it fit streight into my mtx75 box thanks chris


iv been told the clutch is good for 400ish bhp but yeh itl bolt straight in as its currently bolted into mine.

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I'm sure I replied to this :unsure:


Think you'll proper regret this if you do it mate...


Pic of the Track Designs kit?


Might also be interested in the fans.



Yes you did reply & I removed it.

The bottom line of this post was not in the original making it nothing to do with the sale.

Saying that I missunderstood the "Track designs" you asked about and thought it had something to do with design plans lol so I appologise. :thumb:

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If anyone wants to take it as a whole il let it go for £8,200, thats everything i have for it which will see it running, parts just need fitting etc...


If you add up the above you can easily see that id be selling myself short by letting it go complete, but would be ideal for someone to break for a quick profit.

May also be up for a p/x with cash my way?

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put my name on them when ya ready


more info on comps?


Wayne 07962 345499

Name is down :thumb:


comps are 17" x 8j and et35 iirc, not 100% but i think the tyres are... 2x. 205/45/17 and 2x. 215/45/17 would have to double check though.


All wheels are mint!!! Not a scuff on them! I bought them new for my old saph and they wer used for all of 3months befour i broke the car, them had them powder coated black for the escort, all four blue centre caps are with them aswel.

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