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breaking st170


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right car is coming back today so can start breaking it... collection mainly for big items

prices as follows also open to offers

rear brakes £80

front brakes £100

interior (mint) £350

rear bumper £70 slight mark not noticeable

wheels (all with good tyres) £55 each

st clocks £60

oil gauge and pressure £40

spare wheel £30

cd player standard 6 disc changer £100

air deflector £30

standard airbox £20

passenger wing £30

cat and flexi £70

old st170 exhaust £40

front grill £20

lower grill £30

bonnet £50

centre console £30

gear knob £15 could do with a paint.

gear surround £15

front bumper damaged £30

front fogs and looms £100


will add more when i know what is my next car as i want parts myself..

anything else i not put on just ask..

if engine and box wanted please getin in touch will sort a good deal out

everything is located in blackpool.

will knock money off parts if you take them off yourself if i havent already taken them off

pics can be taken of parts if wanted..

anything get in touch or text me on 07896688874

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Can any interest in parts not listed & priced be dealt with via PM please. We dont need a list of posts refering to an item not listed, its one of the reasons we put the new pricing rules in place.

Posts not refering to items in the main post may be deleted without warning.

Thank you.

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Front fog lights and looms, is that £100 posted?

i am not sure on the loom i will have to look, cant think why i put loom on it, i will have a look when i get it back it may just be the fogs, surrounds and what ever wiring unplugs. but yeh i will do it for 100 posted

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here some pics of alloys and bumper, bumper does need repainting and the damaged bits sorting nothing major thou,

one alloys with a bit of a scuff hard to see in pics


other one looks good


not got a pic yet of 3rd alloy but its just as good as these if not better.

front wing, couple of light scratches nothing that stands out


front bumper, splitter not good needs repainting really and scuff on the side sorting.




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rear brakes £80

front brakes £100

interior (mint) £350

rear bumper £70 slight mark not noticeable

spare wheel £30


if you havent already pics on these please. interested, cheers.


fronts are sold,

rears will get pics some life left on disc and pads will get pics. still for sale

in the process of taking interior out still for sale

will get pics of the marks for the rear bumper still for sale

spare wheel like brand new.

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rear brakes, not got time to take wheels off but you get the jist of them



rear bumper this is the one that is more obvious might need a little rub down


this mark you can hardley see so its hard taking a pic






slight mark on passenger


the normal wear on drivers every st interior will have that


rears are like brand new


didnt get one of the door cards but they are all mint

spare wheel, i used it once done about 20 mile on it, still pretty much brand new



this is just a pic of cat back system



just noticed on the front seats they need a wash nothing major

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