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Hi there i bought a escort gti estate allmost six months ago but however i havent had the time to do anything to her,

As we been busy working on our home (as you do)

Most of the jobs around the home are allmost completed wich will give me more time and money to spend on my gti




The first thing i did was the service airfilter/fuel filter/oil filter/oil/plugs/ht leads/cam belt/HID headlight bulbs oh and clear side repeaters.

The Alpine/kicker sound system wich came out of my five door gti

the mot was coming up and i knew that there was things to be sorted so ive fitted the followings;

new suspension arms

antiroll bar link rods

40mm koni springs and legs

new temp sensor

two new tyers 205/45/16

new auro wipers


At this moment in time im looking for a front/rear bumper as they are damaged


in the mean time the plans i have over the next month or two are not over the top just gentle mods.

16" mondeo version of the gti wheels (wished i never sold my mint set i had last year)

A mate of mine who owns pipecraft a exhaust Specialist in Basidon is building a mild steel cat back system.

The grill not sure what would work best painting the chrome one satin black, putting a rs2k one (gold dust) or standed gti one

there is also a chrome tailgate handle wich not sure whether to paint in satin black or moondust silver.

rs2k rear beam thinking about this one, realy not sure,

300mm st170 front brake setup again not sure.

Ill try and get some pic's uploaded later

Any comments or advise is welcome..

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looks like a good example


what i dont understand though is why do some of the gti estates dont have the colour coded bump strips, there was a silver on being broken at gs escorts which had them and one on a scrappy in bury that i got the skirts off that didnt have the colour coded bump strips


i like it it looks just like my estate apart from the grill

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