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Forza 2 Online Multiplayer Achievement


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That's right... I said 2... not 3! :pancake:


Basically you need to gain 1mill online for the achievement. I've earned 0...


There is only usually 1 game on at a time on Live... usually involving idiots fannying around for 25 laps :(


Anyone else wanting a bit of an "old skool" challenge on Forza 2 to try and get that achievement?

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In situation like this (on PS3) I just give up on the game and sell it, games that require online interaction to gain trophies but arent populalr enough to have an online community (or are just unrealistic)


EG, Tom clancys HAWX 1, nobody played that anymore so i gave up

Kilzone 2, there are 3 or 4 trophies (acheivements) to be gained from doing well online each month, and you cant 100% the game without.....Being the highest ranked player online (leaderboard resets each week)

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