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few mk5 and mk6 bits

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hi all,

iv got a couple of mk5 bits:

pair of clear lexus lights for an escort mk5a, orion mk3 and escort mk6 salloon - £5 collected or £15 posted



pair of mk5 xr3i/rs2000 side skirts, comes with the hanging strips, im moondust silver but they do need repainting, pics on request as too big to upload, but got a couple of the rs logos - £30 collected or £45 posted




and also got a few mk6 bits for sale:

i have a set of black lexus lights - SOLD




a pair of black side reapeters - £5 collected or £8 posted



pair of headlight protectors - SOLD




ghia chrome grill - £5 collected or £10 posted


ghia chrome number plate surround - SOLD



mk6 standard black plastic, drivers side door mirror - £10 posted




mk6 5 door, drivers door, has window and electric window motor in, and manual mirror - £5 collected



fli 400 watt amp, rrp £220 and comes with wireing - £35 posted


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couple of more bits iv got laying around:


mk6 rear bumper in moondust silver - £5 collected


standard black plastic mk5b/6 rear bumper - £5 collected


mk4 fiesta front and rear bumper - £5 collected for both


mk5a rs front splitter, need repainting and has a crack but can't be seen when fitted - £5 collected


complete set of 5 door colour coded bump strips, in cuirass blue - £10 collected or £15 posted


pics will be uploaded when i get them sorted

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