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WRC/Evotech/modified bumper


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As title says - I'm on a lookout for any not-so-standard front bumper, it's for the van, so I'm feeling bit more adventurous.


Location - can pick up from Worcestershire thru west midlands, Wales, Cheshire up to Lancashire occasionally parts of Yorkshire, otherwise posted.


Then I would like a MTX75 linkage - in a good condition please, got enough bent and knackered ones.


Estate/van smoked rear lights ? The kind that will pass an MOT please.


And a Ghia grill and some clear side repeaters.


Thanks a lot.

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Today I went properly under my new arrival for the first time, so I need quite a few more parts.


MTX75 long (O/S) driveshaft


MTX75 starter motor


Heater matrix (core)


-30/40 mm front springs on there own or with shocks. Or coilovers :innocent:


And it looks like I could do with a whole gearbox as well. Not desperate (yet), but if somebody has a spare good (cheapish) diesel MTX, I would be very thankful.



And I still need all the stuff from my first post...



Please help, I'm drowning. ;(


Literraly drowning, the matrix is like piece of emmental. And I hate that bloody job.

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i've got a chrome ghia grill for a tenner.




So for now -

I'm still after set of front springs 30/40/60 mm and MTX75 long (O/S) driveshaft






BTW: Seriously doubt that this is going to reach the right person, but if the chosen one who sold me the CLEAR side indicators could please send me a PM, that would be swell.


I got a wee bit overenthusiastic with the delete button. :nutter:

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