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Hello there, would anyone be able to make me an awesome sig just using the below picture and the name Naylor2006




Name could ghost landscape across the car or something, I dunno, I've seen some sick signatures around here, I just want one too, it's about time.


Many thanks

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No worries, nice car you got there. Loving the cossie alloys.


Pop along to show us your motor and check out my progress thread man! Its near the top still.


why have ya changed your name?


Havent been known as Manifest for ages now, my friends have always called me 'Naylor' my surnames Taylor, I dont know where it came from but as im on here all the time now i thought id properly represent myself.


Gearbox has finally arrived Wayne lol, they didnt even deliver it on time yesterday so it got missed, infact today they were late but luckily someone was in.



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