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What seats go into the mk6


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Any other seats bolt straight into the mk6?

Any fiesta subframes the same etc??



If you have subframes its usually pretty straight forward to modify the subframes if your handy with a welder to take almost any seat


I've seen loads of different seats in escorts over the years, skys more or less the limit


I think that's why he mentioned going straight in.

Yes your right and truth be known anything can be fitted to or in an escort with the right equipment & skills, unfortunatly some don't have the knowhow or equipment to follow through.

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Yeah I got a welder but was lookin for the easy option, but seen some wing back seats I want, think there out of a mk3 fiesta, mk6 or 3.5 fez rails fit these seats?



Mk3 Si?


Si or something like that yeah, the rails are different to the gti seats I got and mount to the seat differently, do these 3.5 ones bolt to them wing backs then

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Im not fully clear in terms of Fiesta seats. I only know the 3.5 Fiesta subframes will bolt into a mk6 and mk5 seats from Escorts will bolt directly onto them.

So Wingback, rs2k mk5 etc will fit with those subframes.

Look back and use the search on some of my old cosmetic questions for more info.

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Seats that go in an escort right in or easily


Escort GTI half leathers

RS2000 mk6

RS2000 mk5 (fez mk3.5 frames)

Ghia X Leathers

Cabby Leathers (fronts only)

XR3i Wingbacks (mk3.5 Frames)

Cossie Recaros, Hex/leather, I think they need the fiesta frames again, not 100% tho

Racing Puma Seats, awesome looking seats :)


Think that pretty much covers it

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