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MK5 instrument cluster


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Any chance of a picture Pete? If it has an airbag, rev counter and was from a Zetec, it should be the one!


Ill sort one out for you.

Iirc mine was a mk5b 1994 1.6LX dohc

Pretty sure its 150mph & certainly had an airbag.


my 1.6 5b lx had 150mph clocks :thumb:


as did my 94 1.8 lx money pit!

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Here you go & yes just what your looking for I think.





How does £20 posted sound?

Or pick them up for £15, don't think your too far away from me. cw7 area

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Sorry, bit of a delayed response. Is all working well on them? Temp gauge etc? Would you take £15 posted?

As far as I can remember mate, these were removed about 6 years ago simply to fit white ones so it's been a while.

Never recalled having any faults with them, been in my shed since.

Your only in stafford drive down & get em lol?

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