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Partially breaking RS2000 due to reshell


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I've decided to reshell my 2WD MK6, as it's got a fair bit of rot in it, so it doesn't really seem worth ploughing loads of time and money into mine when it needs sills, arches, battery tray, floor and all sorts of other bits doing.


So, with this in mind, I'm going to start removing some bits from it, and then I'll weigh the shell in and get on with rebuilding it into its new form!


No mechanical parts are available at this stage I'm afraid. Some will be available, as I'm going to make a few modifications along the way, but I'll add those later on. The same goes for body work parts too; I'll be keeping the bumpers and sideskirts and things so they're not for sale, so please don't ask. This also goes for the seats and the wheels pictured, as they are already sold.


However, a lot of the interior parts will be available, as I won't need a lot of that. I don't have pictures of everything yet, but I'll get more as I remove bits, probably more during the week, but I've made a list below so far.


There will undoubtedly be more to come as and when it's removed, but if there are odd bits and pieces of trim you require, just ask and I'll see if it's ok!


Here's a picture of the car, if it helps. As I say, no mechanical or body parts are available at this stage. The seats and wheels are also not available too, as they're gone, just to make it absolutely clear :roll:




Some parts available:


Radiant red electric mirrors. One has some marks on and looks like it's been painted previously - £20 plus P&P for the pair






Boot side carpets. Might be a bit damp but will try and dry them out - £5 each plus P&P






Parcel shelf. This might be difficult to get posted. Might have to be a courier. Would prefer collection - £10




Front bumper lower rubber lip spoiler. Lots of RS2000s seem to be missing these - £10 might be difficult to post due to size!




Fusebox cover panel - £3 plus P&P




Driver's side kick panel - £3 plus P&P




Passenger side kick panel - £3 plus P&P




Heater knobs - £3 plus P&P




Rear screen switch - £3 plus P&P




Rear Suspension Top Mount Rubber Covers - £1 each plus P&P




Front fog switch. I have two of these - £3 each plus P&P




Steering wheel - £15 plus P&P




Fusebox - £20 plus P&P




One touch relay - £5 plus P&P




More to follow no doubt...

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