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breaking my S reg Si


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due to my car being beyond economical repair for me to get it through an mot (can get another car for not much more money) i will be breaking it for parts then weighing it in so the spares ive got will be listed on here


full set of -60mm springs on si shocks springs look new but the shocks look tatty £60 (shocks come free as i dont know if they are any good ???)


ford cd player with code (the flat button style) £50


steering wheel (average condition ) £30


gearknob quite worn £10

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Before breaking it, if you love the car maybe try phoning a mobile mechanic for a quote on the work? my escort just failed its M.O.T and place quoted me £746.56p to be all repaired, just phoned a mobile mechanic and I have been told it will cost me know more then £300 and thats with a additional charge because of distance being traveled to me






if not what colour is it? as im on the look for a front bumper with holes for fogs, and a new front bonnett





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bronze4door panther black 3door you might have seen it around stretford/urmston about a year or 2 ago has got a blue front bumper


shaun 1998 car is not worth repairing to me as it has a dent in the rear quarter, rust scabs on the boot, one on the door , scratched bonnet,interior is filthy ,driveshafts need replacing,gearbox mount needs replacing,brake pipes need securing,rear wheel bearings, handbrake adjusting,alternator belt adjuster needs replacing,bumper needs painting, rear chassis rails need welding ,might need 2 tyres & the airbag light is on,previous welding work is only upto M.O.T SPEC !!! all daft little bits that i could do myself but i dont see the point in spending £100-200 on a car that is worth £300-350 when i can weigh it for £250 & dont get any come backs like the radio didnt work or one of the bulbs has blown, there was only 1/4 tank of fuel in the car !!!! the car was used to keep me mobile for work ( i was on sites at the time ) thats why the interior got manky

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i spent £500 last month on the escort on 5 new tyres + tracking and new front discs and pads and new rear brake shoes and about to spend £300 this month to get through its mot + ill be getting cam belt, water pump and aux belt, so guess ive spent about £1k in the last 2 months, just love the car I guess and plan on keeping it for aslong as I can, got big plans for it to :D


surprising how much you can get for scrap nowa days, I did weigh in my old escort 13 months ago for £165

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heater/aircon switch £10


headlights (with motors) £20 each or £35 the pair


ecu (SLUG) £25


honeycomb grill (top) £10 (needs a good clean as its got green moss growing on it !!!)


fuse box £25


car is being crushed tomorrow (hopefully ) so if you need anything that can be removed quickly let me know

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all stuff back up for sale as the guy that wanted it for his van never collected !!!


mk6 silver boot has small rust spot near boot strut & near one of the boot stops & a dint about the size of a 5p no other rust £30


mk6 white clocks £20


mk6 alloys (xmas tree style) 2 need a good clean (brake dust & cv grease) tryes near the limit 2 average condition with good budget runners on them £50

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