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What could I squeeze this into


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What could I squeeze a 2.5 focus rs engine into been thinking ka but might not fit, the 2.0 rs goes into the ka tho, I'm after a small car ie fiesta ka etc as a sleeper

Think Jordan saw a Focus RS in a Ka.


Rs Turbo in a Ka would still be insane.


We grafted a 2L Silvertop into a Ka with 271BHP, Cossie's couldn't even live with that.


Or my personal favourite Atmo Cossie in a Mk6 Escort, FWD or RWD.

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Wasn't the Focus ST front suspension pretty damn fancy to be able to cope with that amount of power/torque in a FWD setup? I would imagine it would be pretty crazy in a KA or Fiesta. Probably not much fun to drive at all, not without serious upgrades to the suspension and drivetrain. Just a thought.


Hence my suggestion of rear of 4wd.

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