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200bhp zetec


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my silvertop has developed a rattle in the bottom end so i am taking it out over the winter to inspect it.

i want to fit a 200bhp n/a zetec in its place.

i have a blacktop 2.0l zetec engine here too so i have a choice of parts to base it on.

The internals will be staying standard but will be arp bolted.

Im in the engineering trade so i can do little pieces myself like lightening things etc but i am looking for info or any advice that will aid my project.

Here is a list of what im thinking to get the bhp;

-Blacktop block with ported head and slightly raised compression.

-custom throttle body conversion.

-4-2-1 race manifold and system



Not sure what injectors will be good for 200bhp though?

i have rs2000 ones at the mo but i dont think they can flow 200bhp easily enough??

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throttle bodied and modified st170 engine??? you could just rebuild your current 2.0 if its developed a rattle! high comp pistons maybe larger pistons make it a 2.1 with modified head , throttle bodies and decent cam package but all i know if you want a 200bhp n/a zetec engine get your wallet out for the parts because they are dam expensive!
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Good point on the st170 engine. Should do 200bhp with just itb's and decent exhaust system. And an ecu/tuning. Still at least two grand really and not as fast as an rs turbo engine with a stage 1 chip!
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