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Fly Eyes Kit


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Actually they don't restict the light that much. I've seen people on here with the half-tints and they look great. You can make the same effect with these.




Trying to make an insurance claim after being rear ended would be interesting to say the least. That's if your insurer would cover you in the unlikely event that you declared that you'd intentionally obscured your rear lights and reflectors.

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Ahh right, I must be in the geriatric section again


Just fitted some myself and they look pretty good, and for the people above it actually makes your lights more visible, reason being......escort back lights are red and brake lights are red so not always to easy to see, where as the film has hundreds/thousands of tiny holes the let light out and with it being black (or another dark colour if you so choose) the red/amber light "pops" right out at you, also it is fully road legal.

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