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Fuse number 13 GTI 1.8


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Not sure if anybody can help but I'm having alot of trouble with my 1998 GTi.

Started with reving up so replaced Idle speed control valve.

Before I did this the car would hold back some times and play up.


To cut long story short I've replaced the air flow meter,ecu coolant temp sensor.Plugs and leads.

Seemed to play up on damp(not wet) days.


Disconnected the battery couple of times and let idle.Last time I did this it would hardly tick over and was running

dog rough.Started to disconnect sensors and when I pulled lambda it picked up and ran ok.Drove 180

miles with it disconnected and apart from slightly high tickover(1200) sometimes it ran well.

Fitted new lambda sensor and ran dog rough again.Holding back etc.


After all of this had a look at fuses and number 13 keeps blowing(warning triangle pic on cover).The car is heavy on fuel.(200 miles to £50?)

The haynes manual which I have is up to 1997(mine 1998) says it's cold start valve,engine management,fuel shut off.

I don't think this is same as my car as mine is 15amp and book is 20 amp and I guess it wouldn't run if this was correct.

The fuse is live with ign off.

Sorry for long post, I'm boring myself writing it.Can you save it from the scrap yard?.Done 88k and I owned it for ten years.

If you've got this far thanks.



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Yes,15 amp on cover.I need to know what that fuse runs too as no electric cold start unit on wiring diagram.




according to haynes manual, F13 is 20A Cold start valve, engine mnagement system, fuel shut off. Hopefully that narrows it down a bit for you.


Yes,I know that thanks but the fuse keeps blowing and the car runs.Eveything on the car works.It wouldn't run if it powered the fuel shut off.

The cold start valve is not on the haynes wiring diagram I have.

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I had a prob with the fuse that is shared between horn and 12v / ciggy lighter - turned out a bit of the connected that goes in the ciggy lighter for the sat nav had fallen out and was shorting :nutter: easy fix when I finally realised! :rolleyes: :D

Thanks for post.Ciggy lighter is only thing I haven't checked but in my 1997 manual (not sure haynes do one for 1998/ my car/ petrol onwards?) it is fuse29.

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