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Car wash - Puma


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Well as the weather has been pretty bad lately - raining literally constantly :( I thought I would give the missus' puma a good deep clean :D I hadn't realised what a meguiars fan boy i was :pancake: until i looked at the pic.


Anyway, I washed with meguiars ultimate wash and wax, then cleaned wheels with valet pro bilberry.


Next pulled it into the valeting bay and clayed it with a meg clay bar and dodo juice born slippy.


Then cleaned with meg paint cleaner - you dont let this stuff dry but wipe off pretty much start away but its awful to work with but imo gives a great base


then used mer polish (i've used this stuff for years, bought my first batch at a motor show where the guy on the stand was polishing a mini bonnet and setting it on fire!! :eek: :O )


Next onto meg mirror glaze 16 (top tip: put on very thin or you'll be there forever trying to get it off! :D )


Lastly, tyres cleaned with meg endurance tyre gel and windows cleaned with mer windscreen cleaner









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