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Please help


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Hi guys ,

I'm in great need of some advice ,

Currently in the middle of an rs2000 engine swap into a mk6 escort

Engine is in , everything mechanically is sound and fits


I'm planning on wiring it up this weekend but I'm struggling to get my head around it

(Even with haynes manual)


When I brought the engine I got:

Engine complete with box

Drive shafts

Hubs / brakes


And a box full of wiring looms (presumably from the whole car, not had a proper chance to look)


ecu and ignition barrel transponder (no barrel or keys)


I was told that it was from a mk5 rs

But I'm not sure

( the seller I brought off will not reply)


I've quoted the ecu numbers etc in another thread people have said it's showing it's come out of a MK6 rs2000 with the dreaded PATS system :/


I don't have the key :(


So now I'm not sure if the engine is out of a mk5 (and they have given me the wrong or a random ecu and loom) or is it out of a mk6 ?


Is there anyway I can tell what the engine is out of ?


I've been going through the ecu plug loom i have been given for continuity and it's near enough the same to a mk5 pin out according to haynes manual


I've also have a separate prepats ecu (1abg) in the garage which I know for sure has come from a mk5 rs from a mate ages ago when he smashed his car round a tree


Will this run on a mk6 rs2000 pats loom ?


Could I just bridge the pats box on the loom and use the prepats ecu?



(Assuming the loom I have got is a match to the pats ecu I was sent and I've not got a load of random stuff all from different cars)






- what's the difference between mk5 and mk6 rs looms?


- if it is a mk6 loom , could I bridge over the PATS and run the non pats ecu?




-did the mk6 rs have external or internal edis ?


(I've got an edis 4 unit and the plug in connector on the ecu loom that came with engine )


Any help would be appreicated as it's making my head hurt now



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"The post 95 engines have a Cam Position Sensor port located in the rocker cover which is blanked off. This is due to the rocker cover been the same as the one used in the 2.3 engine used in the Galaxy which uses the Ford EEC-V, requiring the use of this sensor. "



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If you have a prepats ecu. Then change the loom to suit the ecu. Dont even bothdr wiring in the pats box. Just forget it even exists. As for edis im fairly certain all rs ecus were internal but i stand to be corrected.


Have you thought about making a loom from scratch? To suit the prepats ecu

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