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Drift Trikes


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Afternoon all. Finally got a sunday off to myself so i thought i'd post up my latest creation.


Once upon a time i found drift trikes on Instagram and wanted one from then, so me and a guy from work pitched in and built a low budget version during lunch breaks and early morning starts.


We bought the bends and a scrap bmx and knocked up a frame utilising a GX160 engine and 50mm kart axle with pillow bearings.


Then had the painter at work chuck some gold and gloss black at it, by this time I knew i wanted something a bit wilder so this became Tony's.






Then i began mine. I found a back wheel from a Schwinn Stingray which i modified a set of forks to fit and rigged up a hydraulic disc brake to.






Frame was up next, i borrowed a mates workshop for the evening and got cutting. The back end i robbed from a Go kart.












Power unit was next on the check list. Honda GX engines are ideal, but also quite expensive second hand. However on Ebay i found a brand spanking copy which was £100. Within a couple of days it arrived. It's also a GX200 so has 6.5HP standard.




Then pillow bearings, sprocket and carrier and chain




A remap (lols) 




A new set of wheels, tyres and sleeves




Then for some extra ponies i made up an exhaust and intake for it




That's standard exhaust and i dremel'd the standard flange to match the port and welded a 1" pipe to it.








Then it was ready to do battle. Had it's maiden voyage on Saturday and it's the most controllable and powerful one there. The brake had some issues, ones of the pads came out due to the clip breaking. So i got it up to 35mph before i had to back off for the corner.


Seriously good fun, oh and we've made about five of them now.




There's two others.

I'll upload some videos at some point.

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