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In car DVD and Screen


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7.2" Innovatek screen with a silver dvd player. The player will fit in the glove box/under the seat. The screen has a stand to attatch it to the dash. All power cables etc provided as are two remotes (one for the screen, one for the player).


Ive got some pics here somewhere but cant find them but will be up asap.


Looking for £180 ono. Not sure how much postage is but will be at Weston and Trax. :thumb:

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Not being funny but how much are these new to buy?

What model n make is that

After a quick flick through the mags, most are around £250 with a 7" screen and player. You can pick up a 5.6" for £179 but i find the screens too small on them tbh.




Got any pics of it in ur car mate? How much dash room does a 7" widescreen take up?!


Will try and get some pics for you mate. I use velcro to stick it to the centre of the dash and it does look pretty big. When im driving though i fold it flat against the dash (the stand is adjustable) so i doesnt obscure my view.

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