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What a night !


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Lads, tonight was superb, me and a mate got a phone call from REVS magazine, who we had previously told if they ever needed a cruise setup for a shoot round Colchester, it can be done.


Well, tonight they wanted to shoot Jamie Shaws new white Porsche and a Ford Truck on 26" full of Fusion demo ICE.


So they phoned us to organise a cruise, on really short notice, so we did.


There were about 300 cars at Tollgate in Colchester for the cruise, its amazing the things word of mouth can accomplish, we had cars from as far as London down for the night.


Was wicked, and ended up speaking to a guy called Alistair from REVS, who was a top bloke.


Anyway, was a cool night, and next time i'll post some info about it on here for those local to Colchester so they can come too :D


Ill try and get hold of some pics from REVS, but there were some gorgeous cars, including Nemesis Supras + Skylines, random Supras, mk1 Escorts, Saph cossies, Gorgeous Golfs, Sexy Saxos, and much more



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I think they spoke to my mate on Saturday


I cant take any credit really, he organised the people, i helped organise a suitable place for the shoot etc, not sure when it will be in the magazine, but i can assure you, jamie shaw's new Porsche, i gorgeous.

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