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colour coded door handles


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Mate i'd be careful, I did my mirrors myself in diamond white, and although its weathered so they are better, the colour match isnt exactly perfect. You don't really notice coz theres black between them and the main body, but a bad colour match on something like a door handle would look quite gay ;)


Oh and I took quite a lot of care doing it too - took me 2 days to spray em X(

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fook me 2 days if i took em to a proper sprayer would they be able to do em easy il keep a look out for some for sale anyway

You can probably do it quicker, i'm just slow LOL

A sprayer will be able to do it better, but you'll pay for the priveledge ;)

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what i was thinkin is my uncle has got his own garage and has had for about 25 years he waa trained asa sprayer it would probably be cheaper to do it myself but he wont charge me much and hopefully get it done pretty quick so if i go down ford tmoz what will i need ?(
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