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bought a rs turbo


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Looks sweet mate! Keeping it standard looking?


G3 compound...... can't give you any prices! G3, t-cut, polish, think of them as different grades of sandpaper, but in liquid form. :thumb:


After rubbing down with G3, you must then do the same with t-cut, then again with polish to elimiate the scratches caused by G3.


I used G3 on my roof because the car was not totally flattened after respray. I didn't give it a t-cut / polish after because I had to go out that evening. You can see slight scratches in the roof paintwork, I'll show ya at Trax if you like!


I ain't bothered because I'm going to do it properly (flatten with 1200 paper, then G7, G3, etc.....) to get a proper smooth finish. Probably do that when the licence gets revoked! :roll:


Hope thats explained stuff :)

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