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I pood myself the other day


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Thought i curbed 2 of my wheels!!!


I was driving along with a mate! Got stopped at some light! I boosted away, came up to a roundabout! Was goin pretty fast round it, and half way round decided to go all the way round and end up behind him up his bum! Whilst goin round it i was looking to see where he is and drove into the round about! The back went up so i thought shite i fuckin curbed the back wheel! Didnt't stop coz i didnt wanna see the damage! As i was going back down the other way i happened to drive pash lusha in her mk5 and she turned round and followed me! lol!


Got out at mc'donalds and thank god there was not even a stone chip there!




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ha ha i saw u and ur mate raggin it around the round about, i thought a ha that must be temper :P


lucky u, i kerbed the fook out my rear alloy today up bush fair, im writting to the fookin council about the shite car park an the entry to it!!!!!!!!!! :vangry:

That car park is a load of shite! & yea i was lucky! It must have been coz it was a pretty small roundabout with low kerbs! It must have just managed to roll up it!

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kerbed my fooking front left wheel too :@


dont drive up kerbs !


my extendable wheel wrench that i keep by my seat decided to move under my feet ! reached down to grab it as i was going round an island and the fooking kerb appeared lo, got a black/silver wheel now.


p.s. only done it on the way out tonight :curse:

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