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Gentlemen and preferably ladies,


Forgot about this untill 10 minutes ago when my mate and his bird came round!!!


I have an issue. An issue that has been on top of me for too long. It is about tags. Not just any tags but the tags on thongs. :tired:




On the right we have a fine piece of arse but what do I see? I see some fuking white monster screaming at me from her thong. That's not good. Don't women care? Do they never look at their behind in a mirror? Of course they do! Do they never feel the thing scratching against their lower backs or something?


Anyway, I always made my ex (may she burn in hell) cut the tags off her thongs, and i believe she still does!


It really isn't good! 8o


Just so i don't have anymore nightmares, girls you may post your pictures up of your d'tagged thongs! :thumb:

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