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Hiya evry1


Im new to the message board :D , wonderin if ne of u ppl culd help me?


I have 2 Audiobahn 12" subs that are 500watt rms and 1000watt peak, i also have Sony 6x9 on the rear shelf that are 170watt rms.


Wat power amp culd i safely run this setup on ?(



Thanx 4 the help

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hi, welcome to evo :)


ideally your gonna want a few amps, its allways best to have amps thats more powerful than the subs so you dont have to have the gain turned up on them.


iea 1200wrms amp would be fine for runnin the 2 subs, someone will prob be on 2morra n tell you what your best best are :)

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