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whats the fastest you have


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Fastest in a car i've owned, 167mph

Fasted Ford i've been in, 195.5mph

Fastest car i've been in, 202mph



Quality! Please elaborate dude! :eek: :cheers: :thumb:

167 = audi s3, not quite standard..

195.5 = escort cosworth, cant say whose :)

202 = porsche gt2.. and an RS-R porsche, but not quite as quick

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Does any1 elses car start to beep over 105mph???? everytime guarenteed, does my head in so gotta turn stereo up :D Its not like a beep beep but a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep high pitch almost a whine but has beep tone lol.

yeah mine give out a whining noise from the vents, good thing is though i dont need to look at the speedo cos it starts and stop, without fail, at 100mph on the dot.


Ive had 125 on a straight flat motorway, with me, kaylee and mate Mike and around half a tank.

Standard 1.6 finesse 2000 W plate, piperx ind kit, straight through zorst.

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