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A french car


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Looks hideous imo 8o


Like the 'skirts' though.... well OTT but they're on the right lines ;) :O


EDIT: May I just add that whoever chose that colour deserves :kill:


There's no need for bright paint on a car with mad enough bodywork :)

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I'd seriously consider moving to and living in France.This country has had it's day, fooked up by all the immigration etc.............also all the do-gooders, kill them all!


I love France, would love to go back there sometime soon, but some of the people and things you see are very, very strange................

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Looks like th Clio V6 stretched a bit. Only a natural evolution I spose, then as the article said its not intended for road production (how long do you think it will take until some company does a fibreglass copy for your Megane! lol)


Not bad I say, look forward to seeing it race next year



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