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Few Cosmetic Questions


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Hi, i have done a search for side skirts and not found what im looking for so if anyone can help me i would appretiate it :))


Will the MK6, 4 door, gti/rs2000 side skirts that ESP sell fit onto an estate? am i right in asuming that the estate is just a 4 door with a boot at the end of the day? :P


also if anyone can point me in the direction of a firm that sells rear bumpers for the mk6 estate that would be cool 8) if not will the spats fit on from the gti and even more important do they look any good?


cheers guys


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I'd say you were right with the side skirts, anything thats fits a 5dr/4dr should fit an estate, just as long they aint from a 3dr car.


There's a German tuning firm that does a bumper for an estate but they aint cheap and then there's the P+P all the way from Germany!!! not the cost i'm thinking of here but the travelling time/distance and procedure. Lee R might know the web address :thumb:

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the web address for that firm dont work anymore Ross :(



the only back bumper you can 'buy' is the RS accessory one from Ford, something that would be on mine if I was going to keep on modding it. :thumb:


side skirts, just buy side skirts for the 'GTi Estate' :thumb: ?(

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