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wheels and Suspension Mods?


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:D anyone know where I can get some springs for a MK6 escort estate and what the best drop would be if I had a set of 7.5 x 17's whiles trying not compromising the ride to much I see a lot of people with 17inch rims on Mk5/6 escorts is any mods needed or will they bolt straight on and ride ok?


thanks for your help :cheers:


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unsure on the suspension i'll have a look for you, as for the wheels, 17's fit with a 40mm drop without any scrubbing with 205/40 tyres :cheers:


Some will say you can get a 60mm drop without any scrubbing, im unsure.

Some will also say you can get 18's on there without the need to roll/flare the arches, again i am unsure :)

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I use PI springs - 40mm, with 17's it had no probs at all....


still acnt find aftermarket rear shocks, so expect to replace them every 6 months if you lower it 40 mm :(


as for compromising ride, mine is rock solid, I cant 'drive normally' over any speed humps.....so its a right barstad sometimes :(

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17's witha 40 drop







Hey Lee your car is spot on mate :thumb: hope you dont think im copying you when i bust out the dark chrome 17 7 spokes ;) and the side skirt like yours, i think the blue headlights would go quite nice on my blue car too :pancake:


and the MRS thought i was growing out of modding cars buying an estate :roll:

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