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My mates new Supercharged Lotus Exige


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It roared up to my house last night while he dropped my mate off.. it was dark and with the black alloys and dark blue body colour, it looked like the Bat Mobile and had one of the nicest sounding engines I've ever heard..


for those interested in the spec, I was just on a Lotus site and saw my mate posting the details about his mods, so here they are.


6000 miles on the clock

Engine completely rebuilt professionally to race spec

Turbo Technics TT260 supercharger

Lotus motorsport 190 unpgrade

Racing gearbox and Clutch

Uprated brakes

Balanced and lightened

Straight through tuned exhaust (without CAT Converter)

Varous Engine strengthen mods (cam rods, fuel injectors)etc

Full Lotus Exige carpets

Elec windows replaced by manual lotus winders

Cat 1 alarm

Strut seat buckles

RAC Trackstar plus tracker


0-60 sub 4 secs

0-100 sub 10 seconds


I'll post some pics when I can.. considering I've never been a big Elise fan, the Exige is a definite favourite of mine since seeing this :cheers:

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