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hi all. i havent been on in a while as ive been rather busy.. but recently i got my front speakers and 6x9's fitted so now ive got bangin tunes on me sound system. :thumb:


anyway, ive been doing some more photoshops of how i would like my car to look in the future, when ive got the cash to splash on it. see what you think of em.


before of front




before of back






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Hiya mate!


Like the carzone front! :)


Personally I don't think the gti spats would come low enough to match the estrada skirts...... an ST 24 would be better imo, but then the rear would be pretty much identical to Cossie Dave's.




the rear bumper is an st24..... i can see what you mean though, maybe its just the way ive modified it to look in place on my car.


thanks for the comments

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