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look at my car!!


do you like it, is it better than before?  

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as i was re doing the bumper last night anyway, i sprayed my grill too, went down to put it all back together and decided to put it on to see if it looked any good!! ?( what do you think, i know marcus hates it!! :roll: :roll: e69225b5.jpg



this is not a photoshop!! :D and i will be changing the mesh!!

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bumper won't be!! :( has to be prepared special cos of the colour and hadn't got time to do it!! ;( looks better than it did before with big white chunks everywhere and fibreglass where it had to be repaired!! :)) cars going in for another respray so not to worried for the moment!!
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Nope tbh.


Think it's mainly cos the grille ain't 'set back' like the mesh is.


agreed.. suggest u move the radiator back about 1 or 2 inches.. then the grill will sit back and look 100 times better.. should only take 5 mins :thumb:

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