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photoshop please


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i dont have a clue how to get the photos a different size or nething but im getting tws ribs,18's in 2 weeks time +wondered if nebody cud photoshop them for me??please? :thumb:


dont know howq to get a little photo of them up,thats a link to a picture of it.sorry it doesnt really go with the photos.

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same rich's, look tacky and stick out to far from body ork imo

He's gettin Rich's! :roll: :D


Ribs will go well with brebs' styling.



well didnt no, dont care wank wheels, nothing special


good luck m8y with them but there better wheels out there, imo

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Ok, but fair play to the guy for not choosing the easy route! ;)  :cheers:


....and he's bloody well pulled it off imo :)



yup suppose to some people, i dont thin kthem wheels with go with that mixed styling, its big guessing game with car looking like that :thumb: :thumb:

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i can't do photshop, but them rims will look awesome with ur bodywork!  8)



ur next fav mk6 then? ;)


with the planned mods, it'll defo be in my top 5 :thumb:



lol :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: yeah but this top 5 chnages every day, u just say it ;)

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