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god damn it


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b4 any 1 panics and think another car off evo has gone, i have no body damage.


was driving round hit a dip in road ( i know it was there ) and the car went flying off to the right pulled it back ended up doing 180 on the road at 11 at night so no other cars hit curb fucked up the 2 front tires and throwen the tracking out.

wheels look ok no damage just the tires


So i just getting ready to take wheels to get some new rubber ;( £90-110

then it needs tracking another £30


c it not that bad hopefuly should be sorted in next 3hours


So my run of good luck has finished then know


lucky rob gave me a lift to c u all in kent :cheers:

lucky i got new job :)

lucky i got a amazzing fit g/f :drool:

UNlucky car costing me more money ;(

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