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Poll: What next?


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Had to wind the boost down becuase i was afraid of doing something expensive. So now its running 280hp @ 15psi.


But i miss the power. And it makes a big difference. on sunday i only ran 13.6 down the quarter, almost a second of my previous best pace. so i want it back. I also want to start working on the looks. So it either:



Stage2 intercooler System = £625

To cure all my Cooling needs :D





Aftermarket stage2 water injection system, with proggrammable MFU controller = £575

Apprantly 35% more effective than an Intercooler, and gives other advantages too. Will work well with my rebuilt inlarged standard intercooler.





TRD spoiler + TWIN engine sccops = £480



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hmmm tis the trouble with the mr2, cuz its mid mounted theres not much room in there :( imo id prob look at the water injection system, y not look at things other than cooling tho? u can get the figure u want without upping the boost that high, might be a bit more expensive than wot u wanna pay, but ull end up paying less in the long run.


as for the spoiler :thumb: not a fan of the scoops but if u want em then get em :)

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if you want my honest opinion (you need my approval neways  :innocent: ) then i seriously think you should consider spending the money on me instead..........after all your money is my money :-p


:roll: :roll: Class i guess i am not the only one that gets a ear bashing :thumb:

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Theres two types of 3s-gte, the mr2, and non-rallye GT4 version is the basic raw version. The Rallye version GT4 (high tip spoiler) comes with water injection, antilag, and other lil mods like that.


aye i know the st205 wrc has it cuz thats the model im getting :) but i thort the mr2 had it as well? obviously not :( deffo go for water injection then m8 :)

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