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FAO anyone thats had a re-trim


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mine took 5 hides to complete, with some left over for repairs if needed.


do you know what 5 hides equates to roughly mate ?(



the hides are approx 5ft x 5ft and i needed 5 to do the whole car including door cards. so its about 125 square ft........ sounds a bloody lot dont it.!!!


i suppose ive got about 1 hide left over with bits so you could get away with 4, but its always best to have some spare for repairs :thumb:

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you do get alot of waste as the hides arent square, if anything they look like a big butterfly when laid out, or was i just smoking something that night!.. The trimmer if hes a good one will only use the best bits of leather. And if the cow had a lot of scars then they show up in the leather so youve got to find places where its not going to show up.
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