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My Focus TDCi Sport 3dr


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Oh and chipping it gets around 148bhp!! I couldnt believe that! And that retains the original air filter and exhaust! Is that possible? Aparently so? But something must suffer surely?


The only problem is the power its all or nothing, such a tool on the motorway then! no rs2k would keep up with it between 50-90. It just needs a 6th gear (box from an ST170) then it would see 130+.


But the smoke these things chuck out on boost is funny! Creates a smoke screen so whoever you're wasting cant see you anyway! :D

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i know what ya mean about the "all or nothing comment" mate!!


i drove a brand new focus tdci when my escort gti was in for a service at ford, if the revs were too low and you put your foot down there would just be nothing at all, then when it gets to certain revs(cant remember how many) it bloody flys :O


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