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rubbinmg compound?


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Rubbing compound, is an abrasive polish.


Measured on a G-scale, rather like the 40, 80, 240, 800 etc etc you get with sandpaper. Commonly used are G3 and G8. I think G3 is more abrasive than G8, not sure though!


You can feel the grit in G3, but don't be frightened lol!


You use it if you have a newly resprayed car and you want to flatten the paintwork down, if it had a slight orange peel effect. You 1500 the car (paintwork becomes matt), then used G3, then G8, then T-cut and finally polish. This cuts into the paint and slowly reduces the scratches you've made to nothing, if you do it properly.


Also use it to cut away at faded paints. be careful though - over use and you'll go through the paint! :eek: :D

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