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2 subs or 1

Sean L

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sounds dumb but does it make a real difference in sound quality having more then 1 sub. and also wots the difference between RMS and peak power.


Personally, id get one sub and a very good quality amp - will sound much better, just not quite as loud.... but at least the car wont vibrate to fcuk



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well i have had a few setups. firstly i started with one kicker 12" sub, then i bought a more powerful sub, a 12" jbl gti, got bored so i bought a second one, much louder, and harder. Now i have 2 15" vibe space, and the different from the 12's is def noticable.


with the rms, as said above, its the power they can run at all the time, try to match amps and subs using this figure only.

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