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ok, i've ben using it for a cpl months, and av been workin on a mini the lastcpl days, went to open it and i get the error

"could not initilize photoshop because there is not enough memory (RAM)"


i've got 1gb!!, none of which is being used when i use photoshop!!! only got sumit like 27/30 processes runnning, NOTHING big at all....


can sombody help, i've tried all the usual data files, uninstalled then re-installed but its still happening

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AHA, sorted m8,


C:\Documents and Settings\Aaron Pearson\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop\7.0\Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Settings


deleted everything in there, they had some how currupted themself, so deleted then P/S created new ones..... they wernt being removed when i was uninstalling

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