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absolutely baffled!!


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Ok, so ive saved up 2.5k for my new engine (2.0 - zetec)


Now im ok with wheels/susp./bodkits etc etc etc. but I dont have the foggiest when it comes to engines.


I underdstand the concept;


1) Buy a new engine

2) get it fitted


But I have no idea other than that. I mean whats the best way to go about it? buy just the engine? or buy the whole car? Also, where do I get it fitted? surely the fact that I want an engine swap means that many garages are obselete as they dont have the means or space!!?


In addition, surely the extra torque from the 2.0 will mean I require a new clutch! which is the best one? a fast road clutch or something more savage? Is the gearbox ok? its covered 86k - perhaps I would need a stronger one or a newer one!?


Cheers for reading all that - any answers would be great cos im baffled!


jay140 :cheers: :cheers:

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