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Which car ?


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hey all,


sellin my bmw, and thinking of gettin a new car, got around £8k to spend, which cars are there?


ive been thinking about a:


honda civic type R

Seat leon cupra

golf gti turbo


what would u get, or have you got any ideas? :)


im after something new, with aircon etc, and has to have power :)


thxs :thumb:

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When you getting rid of the BMW sim ?


Whats the details on it ?


Im getting rid of my escort fairly soon :P


pmed u rick m8 :thumb:


a civic is my first choice, although i like the 225bhp leon Cupras,


any1 else got any ideas?


and the m3 idea lee, is good thinking, will look into it :))

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nah that car is 12k lee, but dam i love it!! :)


can get them for around 8-9k, but that looks awesome!


and yer rick, there sooo many to choice from.


al whats the power like the in the civics? i must book a test drive, i felt at home in one of them, loads of space, nice cockpit and the seats hug you.





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Cupra Rs start from around £8K but are not going to be the better ones.The Civic type Rs are fairly economical, reliable(cough) :P , fun cars and can be had from £7K.A friend of mine picked up a 2002 silver one with coilovers, HKS induction,Blitz exhaust and 47K, perfect condition never had paint for £7.5K. :thumb:
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they are nice cars simon, i have used my father-in-laws one a few times, they are a bit harsh on suspension if your in th back and the seats are crap when you are letting people in the back as they reset them selfs so your driving position is moved,


love the gear stick were it is, just a bit cold in the winter, but wev'e not had any problems with it at all.




they make a good wedding car!!

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