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Swap K&N cone filter for standard gti airbox and feed


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As title - my car came with a K&N, i dont like the noise, and want to return it to standard as im thinking about selling the car now. I'll be happy with a straight swap and meet someone reasonably local to Solihull (west midlands) or Leamington (warwickshire).


filter is in good condition, doesnt look very old or like its done many miles. Some of the metal gauze is slightly worn, but its superficial wear. Can post pics if required.


PM or post here





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I think the 1.6 ones are different to the si/gti airboxes.


heres a pic of the filter for you - that is the worst/only bit of wear on the filter - the gauze is worn and the folds are slightly uneven but all the rest of the filter is fine - you can just turn the filter round so thats on the bottom and then you wont be able to see that bit



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