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Low mileage '98 escort in need of MOT and TLC!


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I reckon this could be a £100 bargain for someone, either as a starting point for modding, a cheapy runabout, or even spares. It's sitting around in Watford just waiting for someone to give it a good home.


It's a 1.6LX in brown, and has a low mileage around the 37,000 mark


For this money there's no MOT or Tax, and it has a few scratches and knocks but you can see this in the pics. It's looking like new bumpers may be needed, but if you're modding, it's an excuse to fit kit ones!


It was owned by a disabled guy, and his daughter left it on the drive for a year after he died. Now she wants to move it on.


Here's a couple of pics for now, and you need to speak to Ray on : 07849 406865


He's also asked me to point out that it's not his car! He's being a gent and helping his wife's friend (In fact it only came to MY attention because he had seen it and thought of me as an escort nut!)






There's a few more in my photobucket


I'm only passing the info so if you have any questions call Ray and he'll fill you in.


For a hundred notes, you can't go far awry can you?


All the best





Added correct mileage Sep 18 2006, 12:43 PM :thumb:

Corrected Engine size Sep 27, 2:19 PM :thumb:

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is the engine in good condition, gearbox?


If it is i am really interested!!


Hi Mr D, I have to say I have no idea!!


If you read the ad, you'll see that it's not my car, but if You ring Ray, he'll fill you in and arrange for a lookover or whatever. :thumb:




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