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Rare? Ne1 Got one?


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that is the lower spec RS accessory bumper- not easy to get another.. not impossible but not easy:


heres some of mine that have had it:





- the higher spec one for XR/RS cars had the spots further in and indicators in the bumper


sorted steves old orion:









theres a rear one also:



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balls, decent fibreglass is no worse than anythign else, cheap fibreglass, yes its rubbish when its not layed correct n that.

I caught my st24 bumper on speed humps n that before, and it didnt crack like cheap copies do, when there painted they look no different

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the spats i had from fibresports-via you lot aren't great tbh they are paper thin... i doubt they would take even a slight knock... i can't comment on the bumpers though - i will say the fibreglass splitter i have is very thick well layered stuff. but at the end of the day a proper purim ford bumper will bend flex and be an easy repair in a knock or shunt - fibreglass will crack or shatter. its down to personal preference - fibreglass is lighter, but in this case it goes over the original bumper anyway ... i dunno just my two penethworth
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