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That cant be -80mm! Looks about 60 to me! If it was 80 it would be seriously decked!


Mine was lowered -80mm! Bit lower than that one tho :blink: :




Looking good mate, gti styling will look good and I have to agree with you bout leaving the spoiler off. I quite like it without as well. :thumb:

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because when i bought the car it only had half of a bumper there one side was completely missing. dont worry its getting painted as we speak i'll have it back 2morra.


as for the springs the bloke i bought them off did tell me they were 60mm but i've had the car parked next to another one which had 60mm springs and it is alot lower thats why i thought they were 80mm maybe they are 60mm then,


where can i get 80mm then? cos that just aint low enough


cheers :thumb:

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