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My Cars

Dave C

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Well my first car was a mini clubman. cost me nothing,but in the end,almost cost me my life :O




Then i got a MK1 polo (16 years ago this was taken,when my son was 1)




The polo gearbox went,so got a metro,stuck the MG kit on it,along with the wheel trims.



With baby number two,it was a pain with a 2 door car,so bought a orion 1.4 Ghia (still miss this car)



My brother borrowed the orion,& wrote it off :( , so i got a MK5b Escort 1.4i




The wife hated the Mk5b,because she's a short arse,& couldnt see out the rear,due to the spoiler.

So that went,& got a Orion 1.6i Ghia.


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The council towed that away the orion & crushed it by MISTAKE :censored:

So i got two cars. A Daewoo matress for the wife,& i went back to a polo.

The Daewoo matress. bloody nippy little car




The polo




Sold both those,& bought a Escort Estate.& i got another polo for a work van






The head gaskett went on the estate,& i sold the polo to get a merc vito


now we've got the estate in my sig,& i've not taken pictures of my van yet

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