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Godfather Xbox 360 Version - I have it early.


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I never played the original xbox version but i would certainly hope they have done more than just change the graphics, it took them long enough!!


I don't have anything to compare it to though, its a good game but controls are slightly "clunky" for an Xbox 360 game.

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Xbox 360 version has added more blood effects, use the right stick to perform a wider range of hand to hand attacks, interiors of every shop are totally different including layout, as opposed to being aolmost the same in other versions.


Also there are more story missions and a load more side missions to do.

People have also said the graphics are MUCH better, but to be honest, if this is "MUCH BETTER" i dread to think how bad it looked originally lol. Some of the worst graphics on an Xbox 360 game until you go indoors lol.


Obviously its just a port from the old systems though so i guess it could never be that amazing lol.

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