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My evenings work in pictures....


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Went to halfords after work, ( always fun ;) ) anyway came home with a pack of sandpaper, some lacquer, plastic primer, and some black bumper spray paint, all to do my laguna splitter with as advised by M4TT.


Got racked off because the cars so low at the front and i couldnt get to the screws, my jack was bust, so i decided id do the centre caps for my black wheels which are having the tyres fitted friday.The alloys never came with centre caps as the previous bloke found out you can't powdercoat plastic :roll:


Came out really well, sanded them down, 2 coats of plastic primer, 2 coats of bumper paint, and 2 coats of lacquer, really smooth and shiny and a good colour match too !






Coudlnt find the other 3, but mum found them under some trousers in my room !


Oh well i thought id share another exciting evening with you...



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The centre caps look good :thumb:


I spent a couple of evenings and a couple of days doing a set of four wheels last week.


The were silver and badly kerbed, with one wheel having a couple of chunks missing out of it.


About 25 hours and about £60 later, this is what they look like now, much better than what they were:



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